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Ah, Rest Day. I always enjoy them. I began it with a delicious bowl of cold cereal and organic unsweetened soy milk .

When I got to work, I somehow managed to resist my morning coffee urge and made it to lunch with one container of yogurt.

Again, I was too busy to prepare my lunch ahead. Definitely going to try to fix that for next week. After much debate, I decided to treat myself to Camros Organic Eatery because their food is always wholesome and I never feel gross after consuming it. I also love that their three-item combo allows you to mix as many of their items as you want. For example, for one salad item, I actually got to try three different salads – beet and carrot, kale, and black bean. As expected, my lunch was satisfying and delicious.

For the rest of the afternoon, I snacked on:

Four dark chocolate mini eggs.

Some baby carrots (almost forgot to take a photo!).

One milk chocolate nugget.

One square of intense mint Lindt dark chocolate.

One white cheddar rice cake.

Aaaaand, a few pieces of dried blueberries.

Normally I eat something a little more substantial for my mid-afternoon snack, but a) I already had so much chocolate after lunch, and b) I had a feeling I’d be eating a lot for dinner. After work, I finally got to try Ethiopian food for the first time at Ethiopian House. My friend and I decided to split the Bayaaynatu and Vegetarian Bayaaynatu menu items which were basically a sampling of various different meat and vegetarian dishes. Before our main meal arrived, they brought Injera, a soft, spongey sourdough-like bread that we would use to pick up our food with.

After dinner, we enjoyed a cup of coffee. The hostess poured the coffee at our table, and left some frankincense at our table afterwards. The aroma was wonderful. The extra basket of popcorn was nice, though unnecessary as most of us were stuffed after dinner.

Definitely going back.


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